Your VPC watch comes with a two-year warranty. The following applies:

  1. Covered under warranty

Aesthetic damage that is present immediately upon unpacking your watch. Any damage that occurs once the watch has been worn (which we assume is the case if it is in your possession for more than one week or if we can see signs of having been worn) is not covered. No rights can be derived from the Ultra-Hard coating. We explicitly state that this does not scratch-proof the watch.

Technical malfunctions that are not the result of user error or impact. For instance: a malfunctioning crown screw thread or clasp that doesn’t open or close properly. Please be aware that all of these things are thoroughly tested on every individual watch before packaging, so chances of this occurring out of the box are slim.

 Severe issues in timekeeping or movement performance. The movement is supposed to perform within the provided specifications in term of accuracy and power reserve. These are tested on every individual watch prior to shipping. If, nonetheless, your watch does not perform to these standards, your warranty applies. Please be aware that natural variations in performance can occur under varying circumstances, sometimes resulting in performance that is not to spec. Also note that a watch gets less accurate as it approaches the next required regular service. Accuracy and power reserve naturally change over time.

  1. Not covered under any circumstance

Damage from moisture intrusion does not fall under warranty under any circumstance. There are simply too many user-influenced factors that can compromise water resistance. If you regularly take your watch under water, we urge you to have it checked for water resistance by your local jeweler or watchmaker at least once per year.

Issues from user error (any behavior that does not comply with the user manual found here [LINK NAAR PAGINA User Manual] or from impact/falling/accidents/extreme heat/cold/vibrations/shock/electricity/magnetism.

  1. In case of a warranty-covered issue

VPC maintains the right to recall your watch for inspection when an issue is reported. If a user-error is detected, the customer shall be responsible for any and all associated shipping, import, export, and inspection fees.

VPC shall resolve the issue by repair, replacement of part(s), or replacement of the entire watch.

 VPC maintains the right to do so within a reasonable time, which is to be communicated between customer and VPC. Please note that watchmakers are scarce and busy, so it may take a few weeks to resolve your issue.

in case of a warranty-covered issue, VPC shall carry all associated costs, including shipping fees, import and export fees.

  1. In case of conflict

VPC maintains the right to buy back a debated watch at the original price paid when a conflict arises. If no mutually satisfactory solution can be found, VPC has the right to undo the initial purchase. This ends all associations and obligations between customer and VPC.

Of course we prefer to find friendly and positive solutions with all of our clients. We promise to approach you the way we like to be treated ourselves. We hope that, in return, you will treat is with patience and respects, and allow us the opportunity to resolve your issue.

  1. Other

VPC is in no way responsible for any material or bodily harm caused by improper use of a VPC watch.

VPC maintains the right to decline warranty on a watch that has been opened, customized, or otherwise tempered with beyond normal use. Equally, VPC maintains the right to decline warranty on a watch that is found to be (partly) unoriginal or counterfeit.

  1. Transferability of warranty

– Your two-year warranty is fully transferable and applicable to the specific watch even if you sell it.