VPC stands for Venustas Per Constantiam. This loosely translates as beauty or charm through restraint or constancy. Now, that is not a very catchy brand name, is it? It wasn’t intended to be. It is a creed that we use to guide the choices we make. Both aesthetically, in terms of watch design, and philosophically, how we operate.

The brand is simply called VPC. We use the full name sparingly, but it does sit proudly on our watch dials. Why? Because it allows us to put a classical maker’s signature on the dial, as was common on pocket watches and early wristwatches. It is a nod to the giants on whose shoulders we stand. Not too long ago, it was commonplace to simply write the watchmaker’s name on the dial, either curved or in one or two straight lines. You still see this in some traditional watch brands, such as Patek Philippe and A. Lange & Söhne. Company logos came along much later, and we decided not to use one on our dials. 

We aim to make watches that are full of such nods to the history of watchmaking without straying into overly vintage-inspired designs. We use a design language that is firmly rooted in the golden age of watchmaking; the 1930s-1970s. Still, we aim to use that language to tell a current story, so to speak. We aim to bring that classical design language into the 21st century. Traditional without being sentimental or conservative. 

At the core of what we do is a deep love of watches and timekeeping in the broader sense. In every decision we make, we follow our own tastes and preferences. This means we have no target audience, market analysis, or core brand values that we use for guidance. We just make watches the way we feel they should be, technically and aesthetically, hoping our vision will resonate with a small group of aficionados. The aim is not to be another mainstream watch brand but rather to follow our own path uncompromisingly. So yes, there is some Dutch stubbornness in VPC’s DNA. But if that resonates with you, we hope it does so strongly!

In short, these are our core values as a watch brand:

  • Beauty through restraint is the foundation under our design philosophy
  • All VPC watches are designed as life companions, meaning they take the GADA concept as a starting point
  • We strive for permanence through high quality design and manufacturing and reparability as a core design principle