Hey VPC, tell me this:

Not yet! Subscribe to our newsletter to be among the first to know when the presale window opens. We don’t take reservations yet, to keep it fair to everyone.

We are on schedule for a launch in early 2024!

We are on course for a price of €2,479 ex VAT and shipping. 

Delivery of the first 300 pieces will likely take place late 2024.

No. The first 300 will be individually numbered. In case of a successful presale, future batches will follow.

VPC stands for Venustas Per Constantiam. This loosely translates as beauty or charm through constancy or restraint. That is the creed we operate by, which you will hopefully see reflected in our designs. Now, that full creed is only used on the dials as a reference to historic dial design. Friends are allowed to just call it VPC. Much easier, right? Oh, and you are considered a friend if you took the trouble of reading this.

VPC founder Thomas van Straaten is a writer at Fratello and he covers the development of VPC in a series of articles on Fratello. VPC is Thomas’ private project though, without any financial involvement from Fratello.