Terms & Conditions

By placing your order, you agree to the following:

  1. Product changes

Since we do not keep stock, your payment secures a production slot in the upcoming production run. VPC maintains the right to make small changes to the product if the production process requires it. You are aware that you are buying a product that is yet to be made, and so small variations and changes can occur, compared to specifications and images available at the time of purchase.

  1. Renders and photography

You are aware that all renders and photography that are shown at the time of your purchase are not of the final products. The images you see are artist’s impressions. The photography shows pre-production prototypes. As under 1. your final product may differ in subtle ways. If significant changes have to be made, you will of course be informed. No rights can be derived from images of VPC products.

  1. Delivery time

The current expected delivery time is displayed on the product page when you place your order. As your watch is yet to be produced, which is a time-consuming and uncertain process, VPC maintains the right to change the delivery time. Of course, we strive to deliver your watch as soon as possible. By completing your purchase, you acknowledge that you are aware that delivery may take longer than expected. In case of severe delays, we will inform you via email and—if needed—offer ways to compensate, such as the option to cancel your order.

  1. Canceling orders

You may freely cancel your order for a full refund up to two weeks after completing your purchase. After this period, your production slot is definitively booked for you, and we can no longer accept cancelations.

  1. Shipping

We use DHL to ship your order. VPC is not responsible for any issues that may occur during shipping. We refer you to DHL’s terms and conditions for any questions you may have regarding shipping.

  1. If the production run isn’t sufficiently funded

By completing your purchase, you confirm that you are aware that your payment is used to fund the production run that includes your watch. If, after your purchase, too many other production slots remain unsold to fund the production, the entire batch is canceled. You will be informed immediately and you will immediately be refunded in full, including shipping fees. This means that, even if you have successfully completed your order, VPC maintains the right to cancel it. If we later find a way to make the batch happen nonetheless, you will be provided an opportunity to have a first call on a slot. This ensures you do not miss out under these freak circumstances.

  1. The start of the production run

Since we fund our production runs on a presale basis, we need a little bit of time to sell enough production slots. We promise that no more than one month shall pass between your order and the start of the production run. If that turns out insufficient, we shall communicate accordingly and—if needed—activate point 6. above.

  1. Our promise in case of issues

As you can see from the above, we aren’t huge fans of legally watertight terms and conditions. Our promise is that we aim to treat our customers the way we like be treated ourselves. We will do our best to help you with any issue that may arise, even if we may not be legally obligated to. In return, we hope you approach us with some trust and patience too, so we can find a mutually satisfactory solution in friendly spirit. The above is primarily intended to ensure you are aware of the uncertainties that come with a small-scale, high-end watch project like this, and to show you how we intend to treat our customers along the way.