The choice of caliber is one of the key decisions in designing a watch. From the outset, we were eager to use common ébauche (externally manufactured) calibers. Our watches are intended to be used on a daily basis for decades to come. We do not intend to make delicate objects that you have to handle with silk gloves. And so, maintaining your VPC watch should be easy and affordable. 

The calibers we use are specifically selected for reliability and easy serviceability. Once your VPC watch requires a service, you can send it back to us. But, crucially, we want to enable you to choose your own watchmaker if you wish. It does not fit with our philosophy to make you dependent on us. And so we use calibers that any local, well-trained watchmaker can service. Calibers that any watchmaker can easily source parts for. We feel this makes for a much more carefree owning experience, while also keeping the price of our watches as palatable as possible.

The VPC Type 37HW is fitted with a Sellita SW216-1. We specifically wanted to make this a hand-wound watch, again, as a nod to the past. The SW216-1 provides both hand-winding as well as the sub-seconds layout we need for our one-eyed panda dials. 

We opt for the highest possible grade, which is the COSC version. This means your VPC watch is regulated, tested and certified to run within chronometer standards of -4/+6 seconds per day. Your watch will come with the associated COSC certificate. 

COSC-grade Sellita is something else than Top-grade Sellita. The former is about performance, the latter about aesthetics. We source our calibers to meet both standards. So while they are labeled COSC-grade, we also feature the associated perlage and Geneva striping decoration. In short, Sellita calibers really do not come in any higher spec than you will find in VPC watches.